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From £960

The Pay-Off:

Need to get some email activity going ASAP and just want someone to make it happen? I’ll sort out all the crappy-but-crucial details, like…

  • Sorting out an account with an Email Service Provider (ESP) – like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign. (And don’t worry if you don’t know which one you want, we can figure that out too).
  • Setting up a sign-up form so you can start collecting email addresses
  • Taking a look at any email addresses you already have and working out which ones you can use for email marketing (so you can keep your nose clean with the chiefs behind the new GDPR regime

Then comes the exciting stuff – making and sending epic emails! This is where I’ll help you…

  • Create a content plan and schedule that works with your business goals
  • Design an email template that not only looks great but will work with your content, and that you can edit for future campaigns
  • Pull together the content for your first email
  • Get the campaign out the door, tracking progress and reporting back

The Package:


The Price Tag:

From £750

The Pay-Off:

Got some basic email marketing but don’t have the time to make it a priority, and want someone to make your emails great again? The main things I’ll tackle will be…

  • Tidying up your templates, so that if your emails are looking a little dated we can give them a new lease of life and make sure they’re inspiring not irritating your audiences
  • Critiquing your content, so that you’re filling your emails with the stuff your customers actually give a damn about and can properly build and maintain a relationship with them
  • Cleaning up your contacts and helping you ditch the old, unresponsive data that’s dragging your open rates down, organising the names you have so that you can be more targeted with your emails

The Package:


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From £400

The Pay-Off:

Got a campaign coming up and just need an extra pair of eyes in the email department? Let me at it and I’ll do stuff like…

  • Check your email template to make sure that the flashy stuff at the front is bang-on and that everything’s working behind the scenes to keep the likes of Gmail and Outlook happy
  • Scrutinise your contacts and messaging so you can get clever with targeting and really engage your audience with tailored subject lines and content. If you have enough contacts we can figure out some testing so you can max-out on learning as well

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Let’s chat!

The Pay-Off:

Need a pick ‘n’ mix of pimping, or someone to slot into your team and help take care of your emails on a regular basis? 

Just holler and together we’ll create a personalised pimping plan to make sure your emails are working smoothly with the rest of your sales and marketing activity.

The Principles of Pimpery

Great emails are part creativity, part science – and there are a few things they always need to nail if they’re going to stand a chance of being successful. By the time I’m finished with yours, they’ll tick the heck out of these targets:

All your emails will look great

Sounds obvious – but when you throw in things like mobile, not being able to rely on images, and low bandwidth, email design starts to get a little more complex. I’ll make sure your email template is set up to look good, be easily read, and have clear calls to action – as well as being customisable and reusable so that your customers recognise you when you drop into their inboxes.

All your emails will read right

It doesn’t matter how good your emails look – if they don’t have the right content, the only action you’ll encourage is deletion. Or, worse still, an unsubscribe! So I’ll work with you to develop the kind of content that will scratch where your customers are itching, putting together a clear content plan and calendar of activity. I can also mastermind the copywriting and make sure you set the right tone.

All your emails will go out on time to a
clean, segmented list

When you’re doing your own emails, alongside a million other things, deadlines slip – but together we can stick to a schedule. We can test different days and times at the start, but once we’ve found your sweet spot we’ll stay with it, so your customers know when they’ll be hearing from you. I’ll also help sift through your contacts and split them into key groups, so you can be sure they’re getting content that’s as relevant and personalised as possible.

All your emails will be tracked
and reported on

Once your campaign’s out the door, it’s easy to just pat yourself on the back and move on. But it’s important to look back and learn what’s working (and what’s not). So I track and record how each email performed, how your emails are performing against each other, and how they’re feeding into your wider marketing machine – then we can turn those numbers into clear action points to make your next email campaign even better.

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