My privacy policy


I take people’s privacy and data pretty seriously and I can assure you that I’m not interested in harvesting your info for any nefarious purpose.

But what DO I do with it? Read on to find out…

Your data – How I get it and what I do with it.

The only way I will have your information is if you’ve given it to me in the first place. So if you’ve contacted me by email, if we’ve met and you’ve handed over your business card, or you’ve signed up to my newsletter. You can share anything you like but I only commit your essential contact details – Full Name, Company Name, Email Address and telephone number to e-memory. So if word get out that you’ve NEVER watched Game of Thrones, it didn’t come from me. I keep your data in two places, my email contacts on Gmail and Mailchimp both are secure, password protected and accessed by me alone.

What do I do with your information?

Other than use it to keep in touch and send you my newsletter, nothing. And if we were ever to part ways and you want me to delete all information from my system, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Handling your customer’s data.

I’m registered with the ICO and will provide you with a contract before we begin to work together that stated I will only use your data for the purpose of executing your marketing campaigns and at your request. Or, if you have a specific agreement you need me to sign instead, we’ll use that and add it to the contract. No drama.

Cookies (Maryland for preference)

A cookie is a small piece of data that websites send to your computer via your web browser. They basically allow websites to remember information so your experience can be personalised. My website cookies aren’t so fancy, they’re just Google Analytics ones which help me see how people are using my site – stuff like where people have come from, which pages they read and how long they’re here. Useful for me so I can keep my website in tip-top form. Google Analytics cookies don’t record any personally identifiable information, so I can’t pick out any one person and see how they’re using my site. And once they’re gone from, they’re gone. I don’t track.

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