Hi. I’m Sonal.


I’m Sonal and MailPimps is my baby.

Basically, I’m nuts for email. Really nuts. It’s been more than 13 years since I sent my first email campaign, and I’ve still got it bad. I mean, what can’t you do with a good email campaign? You can build relationships, inspire people to take action, share exciting updates, and sell great stuff. It’s a one-to-one conversation that you can customise to suit who you’re talking with, the type of interaction you’d like, and the goal you’re looking to achieve. Plus, it’s cheap!

My love affair with email hasn’t always been out in the open though. For a big chunk of my career I worked in more general digital marketing and client development roles, dabbling in email when I could but hiding the true depths of my infatuation. I got my start at the Telegraph, as an Account Exec, and followed that with stints managing client relationships and marketing at News UK and Travelex, before moving on to work as a new-business getter and content developer at a creative agency. And those experiences taught me a ton about how people tick and what it takes to entice them to engage with your brand. But in 2017 I finally came out of the closet and decided to give my passion for email free reign, and have been spending my days happily pimping people’s email pipelines ever since. Hurrah.

So why not let me give you a hand with yours? Not because doing this stuff is too mind-bogglingly hard for you – but because doing it well takes insight, imagination, and an obsessive eye for detail. Which means it takes time that you probably need to dedicate to other areas of your business. And if you let me do the heavy lifting I’ll make sure every single email campaign gets the love, care, and spit and polish that it deserves, leaving one less thing on your never-ending to-do list.

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