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More than 280 BILLION emails will be sent this year – so if you want yours to make an impact, you’ve got your work cut out. But carefully crafting earth-shattering emails that get the results your business needs takes time, imagination, and know-how you might not have in-house.

Enter MailPimps.

MailPimps’ reason for existence is to take tired, unloved email campaigns and… pimp them up! Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to grow, I can make sure your emails help take your business where it needs to go with zero fuss and maximum effort.

Pimp Packages

Minimal pimpery

For when you’ve got all the basics sorted, but just need a helping hand to make your email marketing sing.

Moderate pimpery

For when you’ve made a start, but other things have taken over your time and email marketing is slipping down your to-do list.

Maximum pimpery

For when you haven’t done a thing but you’re itching to get started on email marketing, and need a leg-up to get going quickly.

Don’t take my word for it

Starting up is daunting and knowing your success relies almost entirely on digital marketing is downright terrifying! It was a massive relief to have Sonal come along, understand what the Curiosity Box is all about and turn that understanding into targeted email campaigns and content that worked. She’s incredibly fun to work with, and pretty unflappable to boot.

Renée Watson
Renee Watson – Founder & Head of Explosions at The Curiosity Box

Do your customer’s inbox a favour, hire Sonal!

Ben Mumby-Croft
Director of Imperial Enterprise Lab, Imperial College

Sonal is one of my favourite people on the planet to work with. Not only does she really know her stuff, but she’s fabulously loyal and dedicated – so she genuinely puts her heart and soul into making your emails epic! I look forward to doing my email marketing now because I know she’s at the helm, encouraging me, spotting and solving problems, and giving me awesome new ideas to keep my stuff sharp.

Bethany Joy
Freelance brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire

Sonal transformed our email marketing. She is that most rare of creatures – a combination of authentic emotional intelligence that means she just “gets” our brand and our clients, profoundly creative with an awesome way with words and reassuringly nerdy with a knack for digesting data to providing real insights. A unicorn amongst marketers, can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jemma Proctor
Creative Director and Co-Founder at One Ltd

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